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Sunday May 24th is Pentecost. 

Pentecost is the festival of the church year that marks the work of the Holy Spirit, particularly its outpouring on the believers as described in Acts 2. There will be a few special touches in the service on Sunday, but I’d like to suggest one more, that only you can do. 
Pentecost is the one occasion of the church year for which the liturgical color is red (the color is also appropriate for ordination or installation services). In some parts of the church it is a custom for congregants to wear red in some way as well, marking the “fire of the Spirit” suggested in Acts. 
So, why not cut loose and wear something red this Sunday morning?

Prayers for Pentecost

Living God, you sent the Holy Spirit to breathe life into your church. Let us no longer be captives to fear, but messengers of your saving love, so that all may be reconciled in you; through Jesus Christ, our peace. John 20:19-23

Holy One, when Christ ascended into heaven to reign with you in power and glory, you sent the Spirit of truth to guide us into the way, the truth, and the life of Christ. Let your Spirit, our Advocate, guide us still— preserving us from judgment, protecting us from sin, and leading us into righteousness, so that we may testify to the good news: fullness of life and joy for all; through Jesus Christ our Savior and in the unity of the Holy Spirit. John 15:26-27, 16:4b-15

Lord God, through Christ you have given us peace that the world cannot give. Let your Spirit of truth abide with us so that we may live in hope, grow in faith, and keep your commandments of love; in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. John 14:8-17, 25-27


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